Guided Fishing Trips with TJ Cheek

If you’d like to come visit St. Simons Island or Jekyll Island and experience a guided fishing trip with TJ, just check out his guide site at . With a demanding tournament schedule, sponsor commitments, and a thriving guide business, dates are usually filled as much as 2 months in advance. Please give us a call and speak with Beth about the prime seasons and available dates.

TJ’s top picks are:

Tripletail in May

Tripletail are a sight fisherman’s dream and are a very forgiving fish. Often times they will give you multiple opportunities if the first cast isn’t spot on. Although we always appreciate catch and release clients, Tripletail are one of the best eating fish in the ocean.


Tarpon in August

Tarpon fishing in Georgia can be done a couple of different ways and although the peak season is in August, we also target them in July and into September. Whether you want to cast artificials on spin tackle or live bait fish, we’ll be sure to give you the best opportunity for success. Many of our customers will book 2 to 3 days for Tarpon fishing to ensure that they get the weather and the fish they want.

Bull Redfish in October

If you want to catch trophy sized Redfish, you need to be in Georgia in late September through October. It’s not sexy fishing, we bottom fish with live or cut bait, but it isn’t uncommon to catch over 20 “Bull Redfish” in a four hour trip. Bring a friend or two because often times we’ll have as many as four fish on at one time!

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