The Battle at Brunswick- What’s Next for Me

So after spending several weeks back here in Brunswick, Georgia guiding clients and spending time with my family, I’ve had the opportunity to back up and look at the big picture. There are several factors that have come into play, some of which I will go into great detail about, and others that I will […]


Mississippi Major Wake Up Call

On June 11, 12, and 13 the Elite Series held the Mississippi Major out of Gulfport, MS at the Island View Casino. Of course, I was looking forward to it and felt like it was going to be a chance to combine what I had learned about the area during the first three tournaments for […]


Classic Summary and Lessons Learned

When I rolled into Chalmette last week for practice I had high hopes and expectations. On one of the first nights I was sharing some crawfish on the tailgate of my truck with fellow angler Chris Williams from Pensacola. He said one thing that stood out to me, “In this series, you will get a […]


Redfish Tournaments and the Future of the Sport

Redfish Tournaments from my Perspective I might seem a little crazy at times. I’m all over the place between writing about fishing, posting on social media all the time, and trying new ways to promote myself, my sponsors, and the sport of saltwater fishing. I’ve done some things well and made some mistakes along the […]


Mossy Oak / Yeti Join Me for 2015

Welcome and Thanks to Mossy Oak Coastal Land & Real Estate and Yeti Coolers! In this game it’s tough to play without great sponsors helping you along the way. I suppose if you are independently wealthy you could manage but with entry fees topping $10,000 per year, $5,000 in travel expenses, and the added fact […]

Redfish Tournament Logo

Welcome to My New Site and Blog!

I decided to create a new site dedicated to nothing but my tournament endeavors so that I don’t saturate my charter fishing site with tournament news and water down the things that my customers really want to hear about such as fishing reports and things of that nature. I also wanted to have an additional […]